the exhausted world pays
four dollars, three nickels & a dime
to see ejaculation videos:
streaming HD, hardcore POV
guaranteed to be STD free
no sores on these---boys!
it’s enough to pull your hair


There is a woman and it is not that she wanted it,
but she lives alone, no family, friends, not even a cat.
And Ψ doesn’t know her, until one night last week
they connect in a chatroom.
                                    Ψ tells her about the summer
his grandmother planted currents, strawberries—fruit easy to find.
He tells her about New God—the monster in his closet—
how his doctors say, “psychosis,” but he’s real and he writes it.
She believes Ψ and tells him, without an apostrophe,
about her ex-husband, a jukebox bar named Lupos, C-7
was “Surrender.” She tells him sometimes the power goes out,
but she hopes it wont tonight. And as a little girl
she cut lopsided bangs in her hair, cause her mother told her not to.

They chat until sleep gives up on them,
about dancing, books from high school,
many typos. Should they exchange pictures?
No its late. Tomorrow, theyll meet here again.
                  But she doesn’t. Nor the next day. So Ψ
invents a story, she had a heart attack. He was a minute
late and she had a heart attack. The police will find her
in two days, slumped over, her computer’s cursor:

blinking, blinking

Michael Fisher