When we say sword swallower
we’ve no doubt that these words
will come back
to bite us
to haunt us

Crafting, building, making, doing, tasting, mending
        Occulting, haunting, stinging. Word-maker.
An alchemist blending earth and fire, cutting through a forest.
Sewing an argyle pattern into grey cloth, doodling a swirly-swirl on the margins.
        Reaping, dragging, pulling, ripping.

Determinism floats along the surface, never really sinks
stead gives way to de
(accented or impedimented the,
othered of,
Is there in all this the flesh?

An astrologer with a ringed eye finding and knowing.
Sneaking between the quires, hoarding a letter here or there.
        Using, marking, freeing, constructing.    
Searching for the elixir of life.