A door opening
surrounded by the random

nothing ideal assumes its place
we are fronting miniscule labors

the old ladies are dead
you will turn to the magnificat

the serried on high sparkling stones
I waver with the annealed hands

retract my talons and take my seat
at the foot of the mountain


I did not give labors
have not toiled to the pinnacle

or caught visions on granite faces
my eyes often tormented by nature

up to my elbows searching around
the journey of my birth that begins

when I made casual steps
got far afield retraced my way

conjuring abstract Deities
as a form of solace


To be observant
imbibe from all the senses

is as much upon practice
and kept promises to

sunder from the common
the daily the routine

summoning the water of
overflow cisterns

in a cool murk divine
pattern and rhythm


A day like slate
wiped of all traces

my sincerest effort will be
foregoing the divine

a flat line a horizon
sun pealing through blue heaven

my body compact and fetal
the solitude of prairies

ripped open and teeming
insistent, slipping away


There but for the center
everywhere at once and

nowhere light burns white
to dissipate to fluctuate

encoiled by ropes
in mind comes freedom

avoid the critical path
clear cut and burn

the fructifying salts
engulfing a river


Like sawgrass appealing
to the sky I too

enfold a heat and
contain infinity

that knows one thing
the photosynthesis the

kernel of regenerating
unhindered by monastic

compromise turning only


Buried in folds of brain like
blankets where waft the sloughed

cells of dozens of encounters
in seven years time only a

dog could unpack that scent
that drives and divides along

party lines transmitted into
radio frequencies to be

collected divined puzzled
over as an alternative form of life


Are we not the same though
I cannot recall when I took

orders from the master
when I fell afoul to be

banished into purgatory
only that he has been

idly forgotten consumed
by material and contingency

spurned like this I
refashion my attack

Robert Detman