Methodology of Protest

All we have are gestures for inarticulable silence
admit at times that fire is usually beautiful

with the requisite invocation place one on each eyelid hand or head
caution your neighbor only if sympathetic to the cause

walk with head lowered performing the ablative calisthenics
when exhausted return to the point of first contact

or frisson whichever is most conducive
wave your hands in the air as if you would do it for your health

it helps to dissuade the popular press

as if one had their hands tied while trying to do their business
an act most available to troglodytes woodsmen and self-described loners

if at the apogee of futility feel free to espouse random acts of violence
making love can become an art form

all the more so when performed in the street
as well as flower arranging or basket weaving

we are most fond of using our bodies well a practice the opposition detests
at no point should one become imitative of lesser flora and fauna

do not fall prey to feelings of overweening power or invincibility
such cravings will eventually pass

selection of a hooded garment lends menace and lessens culpability

Robert Detman