Built a wall paneled with earlier goodbyes
urgent as to-do lists twenty lines long

Love bejeweled in tackier remedies:
ruby pout sealed wartime porn discretion.

My mother remembers
you rounded your shoulders to hide your height

Secrets refuse scabs and once I was not convinced
all wounds are sticky moans:

adhesive to the day when,
the place where.

Other girls spontaneously abort hymens
same ruby on backseats

like words you give me
wet distorting into chaos.

I was there when and never understood
how it happened

on my back saw everything
and cannot manage understanding.

Today’s words wet running
through my fingers, puddled chaos

finally flesh. 

Man becomes Man in the wilderness,
enlarged by its sustenance.

Pluck from it dreams for yourself, boy,
boil them, chew and swallow each bite

before the next.
The next might not be necessary.

darlene anita scott